Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Most Likely David Barton KNEW About a Hate Crime and DID NOTHING?....The Fact is David Barton did NOT Rally the Troops to Help a Whistleblower Who Was Bullied & Faced EXCESSIVE Malicious Prosecution- Also- A Death Threat Came to Sharyn Bovat from Texas. A Compliant Was Filed with the FBI...... Barton Connected to RNC Platform Committee

"I'm going to be an active citizen and be involved and do everything I can to help move these principles forward," he says.Barton's next stop: the Republican National Convention, where as a Texas representative to the GOP Platform Committee, he will lay out his vision of America.
Sharyn Bovat has emails from Janice Johnson & has documented that followers of Barton KNEW that she was maliciously prosecuted and they did NOTHING. 

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