Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bovat Confronts Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield - I Told Him I Support GoProud & Tom Torlakson. Check This Out....

Today while at the Tennessee State Capital lobbying for a racketeering investigation in reference to massive green fraud that's connected to SOLYNDRA www.NISSANWhistleblower.com I stopped by the office of Stacey Campfield.... just to say the word GAY.  Since I had not been to jail in a while & I thought a "pat down" could be fun.

Seriously - I wanted to find out what he "really" meant by his bill nicknamed the "Don't Say Gay Bill"....

Senator Campfield told me the goal of the legislation is for elementary age children to not learn about homosexuality. So I asked him if they're already learning about homosexuality... he said "NO".... OK

Just to clarify I reworded the question.... I asked him WHY create a bill to address something that does not happen?  

He said "so it won't happen"  he said over and over he's only goal is to make sure children are not taught about homesexuality in the classroom.

Again I said "it's already not taught in the classroom" & he confirmed that it was not taught in the classroom.  As you can tell this legistlation has "little meat"  I then  changed the topic & told him I supported background checks for assault rifles... he did not say anything (I think he was being polite:):)

FYI before the conversation I told him my motives for talking to him were valid.  Telling him up front that I had "made fun of him on my blog" and knowing this he was nice to me.  It was refreshing to see a politican be human....unlike my meeting earlier with State Senator Jack Johnson

So YES  I tried to get Stacey Campfield to call me names and he was polite. ... BORING.   Just to show you how hard I tried to get him to tell me I need "medication" I told him I knew Tom Torlakson from California and thought he was good on diversity issues.  FYI  Tom Torlakson encouraged children to celebrate HARVEY MILK day. I told him I supported GoProud (a GOP Gay Group).... still NO insults....

OMG!!! Could he be "nice"...  Yes I think so.   I think I'll visit him again....Maybe if he can tolerate visits from an ally of the "homosexual" community then someday he'll see that the word gay is not that bad.  In fact some of us that support gays are caring, concerned Americans who have a LOT of the same values he does...

Maybe I'm wrong.... and he's just a whacko... still I think he as ALL people is capable of RESPECT for ALL People.  That is my goal...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Message to GOProud and Log Cabin Club

Hurricane Isaac left the roads to Florida empty....  Traffic was mainly disaster teams and Republicans.

Nothing Could Stop Freedom Loving Republicans from Tampa!!!!!

Sharyn Bovat attended HomoCon & is Proud to 
be a supporter of the GOP Gay Community

It's about RESPECT!!!!

To the GOP Groups

Thank You for the Hospitality.

Have a Great Day!


Let's work together to make RESPECT for All people in the GOP a REALITY!!!!

God Bless America

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If Your Attending HomoCon Look For This Tee Shirt and Say Hello

God Bless America!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

America Deserves Better From Companies They Fund: It's TIme for RESPECT

Sharyn Bovat was Arrest & Jailed 3 Times: A 4th Warrant put into System AFTER She Spoke Up at School Board Meeting About Diversity.  She endured 19+ Months is Court Appearances

NISSAN Titan Trucks Followed Her Too Closely
with Her Child in the Car.

NISSAN Cars and Trucks Circled Her Child's Home

NISSAN employees told people in the community Sharyn was gay. They knew that she would be bullied by doing this.

NISSAN Knew that Sharyn Had Multiple Death Threats

NISSAN Slandered Sharyn Bovat to Stop Politicians from Asking Questions About the Excessive IDB Bond Debt.

NISSAN Gave Goodies to Journalist to NOT Report the Story.
The American Taxpayer are Victims Too.. Employees Told to NOT Communicate With Her: It's a SMALL Town NOBODY Communicated to Her.  

NISSAN Isolated Sharyn from The Community.

There is SO MUCH MORE!!!

Sharyn Told the TRUTH!!!