Monday, August 20, 2012

Log Cabin Representative Says Might Be a Surprise....Could it be a Proclamation of RESPECT for ALL People OR It's OK for Gays to Adopt? The Red State Gay Adopted and Says Everyone Should Have the FREEDOM to Be a Parent.

GOP + Gay = OK ?

Earlier today, BuzzFeed reported that a platform subcommittee approved language saying, “We embrace the principle that all Americans have the right to be treated with dignity and respect,” which would be a “positive nod” in the direction of LGBT people. The language does not specifically mention sexual orientation or gender identity, but Log Cabin executive director R. Clarke Cooper said discussions were “still early in the process.”

'Dignity and respect' in GOP platform?

Washington Post (blog)-42 minutes
The Republican National Committee's platform could include language alluding to gay people, though not specifically mentioning them, the ...

"Over 20 years ago I ran in a statewide election at a CRP convention as the Log Cabin endorsed candidate. I knew I'd lose BUT could not say no.  My candidacy happened because a friend of Ronald Reagan asked me to. Looks like today the same battles are being fought and that's simply to win 'having' a Republican Party that RESPECTS ALL People."   Sharyn Bovat

Welcome to Red State Gay
Freedom is Our Nation's Foundation
America Should be a place that RESPECTS All People.

A GOP establishment guy called Sharyn & said his cousin was dying of cancer. He would like her partner to have the "rights" of a wife- 

America is about FREEDOM Including:
Freedom of Religion Freedom of Sexuality - Freedom to Own a Gun Freedom to Succeed - Freedom of Speech - Freedom of Excessive Taxation

This website has been created by Sharyn Bovat a women who supports the gay community. She's a Republican that admits she "kissed a girl" in her college days & says the era of hypocritical puritans creating walls of ignorance needs to end. An era of RESPECT of ALL People needs to be the norm. Not just in one political party but BOTH.

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