Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

America Deserves Better From Companies They Fund: It's TIme for RESPECT

Sharyn Bovat was Arrest & Jailed 3 Times: A 4th Warrant put into System AFTER She Spoke Up at School Board Meeting About Diversity.  She endured 19+ Months is Court Appearances

NISSAN Titan Trucks Followed Her Too Closely
with Her Child in the Car.

NISSAN Cars and Trucks Circled Her Child's Home

NISSAN employees told people in the community Sharyn was gay. They knew that she would be bullied by doing this.

NISSAN Knew that Sharyn Had Multiple Death Threats

NISSAN Slandered Sharyn Bovat to Stop Politicians from Asking Questions About the Excessive IDB Bond Debt.

NISSAN Gave Goodies to Journalist to NOT Report the Story.
The American Taxpayer are Victims Too.. Employees Told to NOT Communicate With Her: It's a SMALL Town NOBODY Communicated to Her.  

NISSAN Isolated Sharyn from The Community.

There is SO MUCH MORE!!!

Sharyn Told the TRUTH!!!

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